4 Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramazan



Lahore: Ramazan is an essential month for every Muslim. This 30-day period of fasting, sacrifice, giving and piousness is meant to bring spiritual enlightenment to every practicing Muslim. However, the holy month is also beneficial for the body and mind.

Scientific facts prove that Ramazan is a month of purity and blessings. The negative effects of the month come to those that over-indulge at iftar or stay awake till sehri. Type 1 Diabetics patients are recommended not to fast as that may deteriorate their medical condition.






Here are some incredible health benefits of fasting on your overall well-being.

Provides tranquility to the heart and mind

Ramazan has a divine meaning for those who fast. During the holy month, Muslims do acts of charity, family bonding when they gather together for sehri and iftari, spirituality by praying, and practice self-control through their good manners. All these habits bring a feeling of peace, tranquility, and self-satisfaction.

Improves fat blood levels

In 1997 a study conducted by the Annals of Nutrition Metabolism reported that fasting lowered bad LDL cholesterol levels by 8 percent, triglycerides by 30 percent, and increased good HDL levels by 14.3 percent which protects the heart from cardiovascular disease.

The reason behind this is your eating and exercising habits. In Ramazan, people eat healthier foods such as dates, nuts, and lentil soup. Many people even opt for home-cooked meals, as well. Studies have found that overall saturated fat consumption is reduced in Ramazan. The night prayers of tawarih provide adequate levels of physical activity equal to moderate physical activity which, for some, maybe more than they usually exercise.

May help overcome addictions

Ramazan is an excellent opportunity to ditch all your addictions because it teaches you self-restraint for most of the day. You will soon realize that forgoing your addiction may not be as hard as you think.

Promotes fat breakdown and weight loss

Calorie consumption is decreased considerably in Ramazan. But that is only possible if u stop eating your sweet treats and you choose to maintain your usual eating habits. This will help you lose weight. In Ramazan, your source of energy during your fast is mainly fat, so there are chances of fat break-down.