Successful Marriage: 5 Communication Skills That Are Key to a Happy Marriage


Lahore: Communication is essential for every relationship, but it’s also important to learn the right skills to talk to your significant other effectively in order to enjoy a successful and happy marriage. Two people can only understand one another when they learn to communicate. If you’re struggling with your married life, many relationships experts agree that the first step to resolving issues is to talk to one another in the correct manner.

Being able to stand up and voice your opinion is essential, but this doesn’t mean that it’s always done in the best way. Communication is a two-way street and we all need to know how to handle it properly.



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As compiled by PinkVilla, here are some effective communication tools that every couple should take on board for a successful marriage.

Stay calm:

One of the most important ways to communicate with your significant other is learning how to stay calm. Pick a day and time when you are both stress-free. Choose a neutral place where you can discuss your issues without losing control. Avoid any distractions and try to keep your phones away.

Be mindful of your tone:

Be careful with your language and the tone that you use. Take a minute to think about something before blurting it out. This can be a difficult thing to do when your partner has a habit of getting defensive. Start with a positive statement and try to be mindful of the way you say things.

Have an exit strategy:

When you know the conversation is not going in the right direction and will not produce positive results, it’s best to find a way to end the conversation before things get out of hand and hurtful words are uttered. Have an exit strategy for these situations.


Learn to listen to your spouse and acknowledge their valid points. No one likes to know, again and again, what they’ve been doing wrong. The key to communicating productively is also accepting your mistakes and acknowledging them in front of your partner instead of consistently getting defensive.


Respect your partner while you talk to them because it goes a long way for any relationship. You may be angry, hurt, or disappointed but that doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful towards your partner. Remember, you cannot take back your words once spoken, so be careful with them.