Anti-ageing Skincare: Expert Reveals Everything for a Youthful Complexion

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London: A skin specialist has shared her top anti-ageing skincare secrets – including the ingredients to use to ward off the signs of getting older and when your skin really starts to lose collagen. Lucy Shaw, from leading skincare and makeup store Mecca, said that biologically, the natural production of collagen in women starts to slow at around the age of 26.

From this stage forward, if not earlier, you need a designated anti-ageing skincare routine, filled with the right ingredients and a targeted approach. ‘The first thing that springs to mind to prevent signs of ageing is sunscreen. Your best skin insurance policy, a good sunscreen will never let you down,’ Lucy wrote for Mecca’s website.

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The expert also cited green tea as a hero ingredient for delaying signs of fine lines, wrinkles and age-related pigmentation.

Green tea is an absolute master at preserving your skin, particularly if you live in Australia and New Zealand or are exposed to a lot of UV,’ she said. Lucy said you can find green tea in any number of skin products, including her favourite, the AmorePacific skincare line.

This is grown in extreme weather conditions like the southern hemisphere and is ‘full of repairing, anti-inflammatory and UV/pollution neutralising antioxidants’. Elsewhere, the expert said you need to look for the words hyaluronic, glycolic, lactic, jojoba and vitamin C in the products you buy.

When it comes to where you need to be most careful with your skin, Lucy said it’s all about the smaller, more delicate areas of skin. ‘The funny thing is that the areas we first see ageing are often the last places that we look after, specifically the eye area and décolleté,’ she said.

This is because the skin in these places is thinner, more delicate and it is also in the direct firing line of the sun. ‘One damage has been created, it is difficult to reverse, but the skin is an extremely intelligent organ, spending most of its time trying to reverse the damage,’ Lucy said.

One of the best products you can incorporate into your routine here is retinol – which works to restore the skin and minimise skin concerns like wrinkles, lines, sagging and pigmentation. Finally, if you want to try any treatments to help slow the effects of ageing, Lucy said LED light therapy is the best way to spend your money.

These can often be bought as treatments at different skin clinics, or you can buy your own at-home mask, such as Dr Dennis Gross’s LED light mask. If you do have LED light treatment, she recommends you incorporate both a blue and a red light into your regime.

Red lights stimulate collagen, building the skin so that lines and wrinkles look better. Blue lights help to smooth the texture of the skin and get rid of any acne. daily mail

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