Anxiety Symptoms: 5 Signs That Show You May Be Struggling with Anxiety

5 Signs That Show You May Be Struggling with Anxiety

London: Anxiety is a common feeling but it may not necessarily be momentary, it can turn into a mental health condition. According to the World Health Organisation, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

But there are a lot of misconceptions about anxiety. Not many people know what anxiety truly is. Mental health conditions are sensitive but complex and understanding them is not easy. Here are some signs that you may be suffering from high-functioning anxiety, as compiled by Pink Villa.

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Letting go:

Not understanding the meaning of letting go could indicate anxiety. It’s very difficult for people with high-functioning anxiety to let their hair down and enjoy it for a while. They can’t let loose and relax at all because the anxiety does not allow them to do anything where they may lose control.

Sleep deprivation:

Difficulty in sleeping is one of the main signs of anxiety. If it’s almost impossible for you to sleep naturally, then this could mean that the brain does not know how to relax and switch off.


If you are too focused on perfectionism, this could indicate high-functioning anxiety. Be it in your work life or your personal life, you may be constantly trying to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect and have unrealistic expectations. Imperfection or mistakes are your biggest fear.


While healthy constructive criticism is an important part of our lives, it’s also vital it doesn’t turn destructive and demeaning. People with high-functioning anxiety can experience high levels of negative self-talk and deal with unhealthy amounts of self-doubt.

Aches and pains:

People with anxiety often end up having to deal with unexplained aches and pains. The mental state of the mind often impacts the physical body. When you’re trying to suppress anxiety, it just comes out in the form of unexplained physical pain. In most cases, people can experience neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain.

Anxiety Symptoms