Back Pain and Muscle Spasm: Home Remedy to Relieve Pain

Home Remedy to Relieve Pain

Dubai: When we are young, we tend to boost our strength and indulge in acts to show off our power. But often it happens that afterward, we complain about back or muscular pain. Carrying a heavyweight, whether at home or anywhere else without doing a warm-up exercise leads to severe back pain and muscle spasm.

Lifting weight is a part of our daily routine, but we often do it in the wrong way, which can prove dangerous if the lifted weight is too heavy and requires exertion to lift it.

Home Remedy to Relieve Pain

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Commonly, we bend forward and lift any heavy objects placed on the ground which directly exerts pressure. You can say extra force, on the spine so in many cases it can cause severe back pain for a few days or can even worsen the condition if the person doesn’t take proper rest or medications like pain-relieving gels, cream, or pain killers. In the worst cases, our spinal discs can also be displaced.

Are you standing straight?

WHILE standing in school or anywhere else, do you droop to one side? Or sometimes when you are standing in a line, you often put more weight on one foot while relieving the other. You just don’t stand straight because it may seem odd to you and no one else in the long queue is standing straight either.

A droopy posture is also one of the main causes of backache because slouching puts pressure on the vertebrae (the series of small bones forming the backbone), ultimately causing the discs to become compressed and making you vulnerable to back pain.

Pelvic muscles go slack, which makes it even harder to support a well-aligned stance, especially as you get older. Nerves in your neck are pinched, too, tightening muscles there and causing tension headaches.

Good posture, on the other hand, makes you feel good. Your muscles are more limber, and you have better mobility and less tension in your neck and shoulders. Your back and legs are relaxed; your spine feels longer. And the physiological boost carries over to a sense of psychological well-being. As you get older, good posture will keep your body flexible and help maintain your balance.

Moreover, a person’s posture is a reflection of their personality, the way you stand tells people volumes about who you are. Self-assured people walk tall and have a commanding presence when they enter a room — a presence that is both comfortable and confident.

Always remember to mind your posture before you lift any weight, using a cellphone, studying, sitting, or whatever you are doing, think about your posture. It will keep you away from certain deformities and syndromes in the future. As Benjamin Franklin has said very well, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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