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Sydney: Two Australian doctors with the secret to healthy, glowing, ‘perfect’ skin have made prescription-only skincare available to everyone – without the hassle of going to the GP and being referred to a specialist.

GP Dr. Deb Cohen-Jones and Dr. Clara Hurst a specialist in anti-wrinkle and facial sculpting treatments developed the skincare products together – after realizing the huge difference medical-grade ingredients made to their own skin and how hard it is for everyday Australians to access.

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Speaking with Daily Mail Australia the women who have both suffered from different conditions said you don’t need ‘bad skin’ to benefit from their product, which they have called ‘The Secret’.

‘You don’t have to have bad skin – though we do treat a range of conditions – only prescription skincare can give you the secret glow – it is not possible without it,’ they said. The ‘glow’ is similar to that children have and is reflective of young, healthy skin cells.

Both doctors have been using prescription formula skincare for years, Dr. Clara to treat ‘awful’ acne, and Dr. Deb to treat melasma or pigmentation. But they both admit it is more difficult to access than it should be – and many people are turned away because their doctors don’t see ‘bad skin’ as a medical issue in need of attention.

This means many people cycle through GPs or are sent off to a dermatologist before they can get a prescription. ‘We are different to most doctors because we see bad skin as a condition which needs to be treated – because we know how much it can affect self-confidence and even lead to anxiety and depression,’ Dr. Deb said.

Aside from making getting the formula easier to get – the women have also made the process of applying it less complicated. ‘We wanted to simplify skincare, for lazy people like us, we don’t have time for four steps, we have kids, businesses, and friends to look after.

‘We don’t want to be spending an hour every morning and night on our skincare,’ Dr. Clara said. And it is cheaper than other brands, which have to be prescribed by a specialist and are often shipped from overseas.

Dr. Clara said the one she used to use and prescribe cost $1200 for a three-month cycle, whereas there’s, known as The Secret, is just $500 for six months. Because the ingredients are prescription-only the women’s customers still have to go through a consultation process, but they can do it all online.

‘There is a questionnaire so we can choose the correct product for you and make any necessary changes so it is perfect for you. ‘Each bottle is hand-made for a specific client,’ they said.

The doctors say they would stop using the product to do their own ‘before and after’ series but are ‘too vain’. Instead, some of their patients have shared incredible pictures showing the huge reduction in pigmentation and acne after they began to use the products.

In the pictures each customer’s skin looks significantly brighter in the after photos – some also have a huge reduction in pigmentation and other ‘obvious issues’. via dailymail