Be Healthy: 7 tips to stop your meat from going to waste


Meat is the most laborious food to produce. When we throw it away, the waste produced is the most impactful out of all other types of food waste. About 1/3 of emissions produced by food waste can be attributed to wasted meat and 3/4 of the land used by food waste is used by it.

It actually only accounts for 13%of food waste as a whole. Wasting meat wastes a lot of resources, therefore it’s important that we save as much of it as possible. As compiled from Respect Food, here are seven ways of saving meat so that your Qurbani does not go to waste this year.

7 tips to stop your meat from going to waste


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1. Store it on the bottom shelf

Raw meat and fish should always be kept at the bottom of your fridge to prevent them from contaminating the rest of its contents. Also, store them in the ideal temperature since they are highly perishable and must be sealed and free of leaks. Meat and fish products can also be stored in 0°C compartments if your fridge includes one.

2. Freeze

Red meats can be frozen for up to 12 months if you can’t finish them. Ground meat can also be stored in the freezer for up to six months. Make sure they are wrapped properly though and that you don’t keep on thawing and refreezing them as this will surely make them go bad.

3. Cook thoroughly

Make sure leftover meat is cooked thoroughly so that you can store it easily and it continues to be safe for consumption. Uncooked meat will attract bacteria very quickly.

4. Buy smaller quantities

If you don’t need that much meat, don’t buy that it, even if you think you will eventually use it up. This will save your tummy, your money, and the environment.

5. Use curing salt

It’s one of the oldest known methods of preserving meat. Cure your meat by covering it entirely with curing salt and store it in an airtight container. Store between 2°C and 4°C. The time it should be stored for depends on how thick the meat it is. The general rule is seven days for every inch of thickness. Cured meat can last for up to three to four months, depending on the conditions it has been stored in.

6. Can it

Although this is a trickier process, it can let you keep your meat for another year. The process of canning involves using pressure, heat, or liquid to keep your meat preserved. Different types of meat use different methods of canning. You can get it done from a local canning store near you.

7. Smoke the meat

The scent and taste of smoked meat are unmatched. Even better is the fact that it stops your protein from going bad. Smoke your meat by using a closed box with your smoke and let it cook for a few hours. The meat will absorb the smoke and cook thoroughly