Beautiful Bridal Eyes Makeup Tips Ideas Pictures & Party

Beautiful Bridal Eyes Makeup Tips and Ideas and Best Party Eyes Makeup Tips for Women and Girls in Pakistan and India

Bridal Makeup Picture Open Eye Makeup Tips Pictures
Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup Picture

Eyes are very impotent attractive and visible part of human face, some people have small eyes, middles and some have big eyes, mostly people most women likes big eyes because big eyes are looks most beautiful than the small eyes therefore mostly women and men also likes big eyes some peoples have naturally big and charming eyes and some have not.

Every women wants to look beautiful specially on any function like party wedding etc therefore they doing makeup on hole face and eyes which one have small eyes and she wants big then the eyes makeup helps to look her eyes bigger and beautiful.

There are many types of Eyes Makeup like Smoky Eyes Makeup, Ideal or Perfect  Eyes Makeup, Thin and Narrow Eyes Makeup, Round Eyes Makeup, Small Round Eyes Makeup, Prominent Eyes Makeup, Big Eyes Makeup and Big Round Eyes Makeup etc.

Different Techniques and Tips of Eyes Makeup were used by different beautician in very countries including Pakistan and India.

Here is list of Eyes Makeup Brushes which are used for eyes makeup

  1. Liner/Angular brush
  2.  Faces eye makeup brush
  3.  Blending brush
  4. Eyeshadow Applicator Brush
  5. Dual Ended Brow Brush
  6.  Bent Liner Brush
  7. Soft Dome Brush
  8. Pencil Brush
  9. Stiff Dome Brush
  10. Eye Shader Brush

Tips for Open Eye Makeup for Bridals and Party

  • Shades By Gal Cosmetics concealer
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills dark brown brow powder
  • Sedona Lace 88 metal eye shadows palette
  • Motives Cosmetics lbd gel liner and black mascara
  • Outer beauty Cosmetics Inc. temptress lashes
  • NYX Cosmetics jumbo pencil in cottage cheese
  • Eye style galaxy hazel lenses
Open Eye Makeup Tips Bridal Pakistan India
Bridal Makeup Picture: Open Eye Makeup Tips

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