Five Organic Beauty Tips for Flawless Skin and Hands


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London: Winters have just begun and it has already started to slurp the life right out of our skin and hair. Garima Singh, Research and Development Manager, Organic Harvest, has shared five organic beauty and skincare regimes to fight against winter woes.


1. If all you can see is dull and oily skin staring back at you from the mirror then scan for additives like neem, lemon, lime, clove, cucumber, tea, and strawberry while picking products for your skin.

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2. Neem is ideal if your skin is acne-prone as it soothes irritation and inflammation, while also helping get rid of the bacteria causing pimples. Cucumber is also an extensively used ingredient owing to its skin-lightening properties and being a great natural toner.

3. Even with the gift of having normal skin, one must take adequate care of it in order to maintain it. The go-to ingredient for everyone with normal skin is rose water. It is an extremely effective natural toner and helps maintain glowing skin. The sterile property of rose keeps skin infections at bay while also moisturizing the skin from deep within.

4. Say hi to beetroot extract, your skin’s second-best friend. Its high iron, minerals, and vitamin content gives the applier clear and glowing skin while also doing away with dead cells. A wide range of other natural ingredients that will do wonders to your skin, in the long run, are tamarind seed extract, mulberry extract, gold dust powder, and tomatoes.

5. Winters are dry skin’s worst enemy. However, a little care can go a long way in keeping the skin soft and supple. An array of organic skincare options are available in the market with ingredients like sea buckthorn, daisy flower extract, iris root extract, coconut, olive oil, oatmeal, honey, and Shea butter that guarantees to weatherproof your skin.

6. The best organic moisturizer you must get your hands on this winter is coconut. Its water content not only nourishes the deeper tissues but also acts as a natural healer, restoring the skin. Shea butter on the other hand has been used for the longest time to hydrate and regenerate skin.

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