Efficacy of Fenugreek Supplementation on Men’s Health

Efficacy of Fenugreek Supplementation on Men's Health

Lahore: Relevant research examined the effects of fenugreek supplementation on healthy men aged between 43 and 70 years of age. The researchers found that both total serum testosterone and free testosterone increased compared to placebo after 12 weeks of active treatment.

The researchers concluded that fenugreek supplementation was a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improving sex-ual function, and increasing serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged to older men. Another study found that fenugreek supplementation improved aging male symptoms and testosterone levels remained in a normal range in healthy men aged 25 to 45 years.


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The importance of this study: The importance of this study is to help determine if fenugreek supplementation affects testosterone levels, body composition, health-related quality of life, anxiety, and aging symptoms in healthy men aged 21 – 45 years. Source