Extra Hair on Face Removal Tips Treatment, Urdu Homemade Wax

Unwanted Facial Hair Removal Tips Treatment, Homemade Wax

Extra Hair on Face of women and Girls looks very bad and not a good sighs, women spend lots of money to get rid from Unwanted Facial Hair, butt the result is not so good, here are some effected natural home remedies to remove extra hair for body and face, try these Home Made Hair Removal Wax Recipes and get relief.

1. Take lemon juice in a cup and add 30gm sugar in it and mix it well. Apply this mixture on your face hairs and leave for  15 minutes. Then wash it wish fresh water. Must use it once in a week

2. Add Basin, and Turmeric in Yogurt mix it well, apply this mixture on your face and leave until dry, it will stop the growth of extra hair on your face and skin

3. Make a paste of Papaya and turmeric apply it on your face and do massage, it will also remove extra hair of your face and will make your skin fresh and healthy

Easy unwanted facial Permanent Removal Extra Hair on Face Urdu Recipe Wax Cream
Extra Hair on Face Removal Tips Treatment in Urdu

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    1. I also faced that problem of too much hairs on my face but now i havent any hair on my face it permenant become finished forever by using only one natural treatment at home.

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