Facial Permanently Face Hair Removal Cream At home

Facial Permanently Face Hair Removal Cream At home

Facial Permanently Face Hair Removal Cream At home Extra Hair on Face is a common issue in all over the world and any country, mostly women and young girls face this problem, every girls wants clean and clear glowing face to look more beautiful.

Extra Hair on Face create a bad effect and looks bad therefore women are always worried about this problem, they used marketed cream to get rid of hair of face but it is temporary solution.

We are going to share one of the best and very useful Naturally Facial Homemade Cream that will Removes Permanently Extra Hairs.


Vitamin A Cream, Little Quantity like a Pea kernel

Moisturizing Lotion, 4 Tablespoon

Vitamin E Capsules, 4

Ammonia or Alum, A pinch

Azelaic Acid Crear, Little Quantity like a Pea kernel

Method and Use.

Put Azelaic Acid in Vitamin A Cream, Ammonia or Alum and Moisturizing Lotion and mix it well and apply a Thick layer on extra hair on face and go for sleep, in morning politely do massage with medicated ubtan. During this proses use Homemade Wax after every 15 days, Reduce the use of meat, Eat more Vegetables, Salad and Fruits.

This Cream will remove your Face Hair as well as give you a fairness and glowing complexion and your skin will become lighten and Clear.

This is an most effected and useful recipe, many women and girls using this and Satisfy from its result, you can use this Extra Hair Removal Homemade Cream without any tension. more over it have no side effect.

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