Harley Street Fertility Expert Reveals 7 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast Naturally




London: Are you at it morning, day, and night and still having no baby luck? The sight of a baby makes your heart melt and you don’t want to wait any longer, you want to start a family. Although it’s ultimately down to ‘Mother Nature’, there are some do’s and don’ts behind the art of conceiving.


Writing for Healthista, fertility expert Jani White reveals what most couples are doing wrong in bed when it comes to getting pregnant and how to get it right.

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Probably the greatest mistake made by trying-to-conceive couples is the over-emphasis given to the ovulatory days. Of course, they are important, but it is just as important to build up the conception energy in the days leading into the ovulation.

The energy that entices the receptivity for conception begins immediately as your period ends. The big mistake many couples make is not putting enough emphasis on building up their sexual energy before the ovulatory days arrive.

So many couples get swept up in the day to day drive of our busy hectic desk-bound commuter lives, and very often the sexual agenda is something not prioritized until those all-important peak fertility days.

I always say to couples, ‘the chemistry of attraction is the chemistry of conception’. That means if we want to build our ability to conceive we need to focus on building our sexual energy.


One of the biggest mistakes many couples make, is they relegate the lovemaking, the babymaking, the sex, to a time and place at the end of the day. And one of the worst things about this is many couples are eating far too late into the evening. By the time they finally move to the bedroom, they are coming to their lovemaking with a full tummy and hormones that are more focused on digesting than being se-xual.

Did you realize digestion is a hormonal process? Most people think of hormones as something most entirely about sexuality, but in fact, all of our physiologic functions are hormonally driven. When we are digesting, our endocrine systems send energy to break down and uptake all the nutrition and organize all of the functions that nourish you.

Now, by all means, we need our nourishment. But by prioritizing lovemaking in front of digestion you will then be coming into your sexual uplift without any complications. So instead of walking through the door into an evening of your usual routine of eating first, make love later – try reversing that. Simple.

Not only will you have better sex, less inhibited by the taxation of digestion, but you will then come to your supper with an increased appetite. Making love with the undistracted hormonal flow means your se-xual hormones will have the upper hand and carry you to greater heights of more vigorous enjoyment. dailymail

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