Multivitamins and Protein: Five Sure-fire Health Benefits of Red Meat

Five Sure-fire Health Benefits of Red Meat

The health-conscious often keep away from red meat due to its perceived disadvantages. But contrary to popular belief, it has grave health benefits. Red meats including beef and lamb have a high nutrient quotient that, if incorporated into your diet in moderation, can elevate your health.

So, here’s a meaty idea: keep reading and find out the five reasons (as compiled from why it’s okay to eat red meat this Eidul Azha.

Five Sure-fire Health Benefits of Red Meat ( Urdu )

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B Vitamins boost energy: Red meat is a significant source of B vitamins including B12, which is not naturally found in foods of plant origin. The vitamin is imperative for healthy red blood cells, tissue growth, and boosting energy.

A significant source of iron: Iron is a vital mineral for red blood cell formation. Insufficient intake of iron is the most common dietary cause of anemia, especially in women. The type of iron found in red meat (haem iron) is more easily absorbed and used by the body than the iron in plant-based foods.

Great source of zinc: Red meat is a great source of readily absorbable zinc, which is important for the functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and fertility. We get most of our dietary intake of zinc from red meat and meat products.

Contains antioxidants: Red meat comprises minerals such as potassium and selenium. Selenium is an important antioxidant, which has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Helps absorb Vitamin D: Red meat has also recently been found to help in Vitamin D intake, which works with calcium and phosphorous to build strong bones and teeth.

A major source of protein: Red meat is a key source of protein, which helps in improving your appetite and is an important constituent of every cell in the body. The body uses protein to build and repair tissues. Protein-rich foods help in controlling weight as well.