Freckles Treatment Cream, Home Remedy Tip for Moles on Face

 Freckles Treatment Cream, Home Remedy Tip for Moles on Face

Freckles are Dark Spot that appears on faces of young girls and women, these women are not know that how they can removes these Freckles from their faces and what is the Cause of it.

In Our Society women wants to looks beautiful and fair complexion, for this cause they used such of cosmetic and spend lots of money on markets cream to achieve their goal.

Here we are going to share a simple and easy Homemade Cream for Freckles Treatment without any side effect, it is very useful home remedy by using this your Freckles will removed in 15 days and you will get clear and clean face.

Ingredients for Freckles Cream

Fresh Milk: 4 Tablespoon

Glycerine: 4 Tablespoon

Zinc Oxide Cream: 2 Tablespoon

Castor Oil: 2 Tablespoon

Hydrogen Peroxide: 2 Teaspoon

Aloe Vera Pulp: 2 Cup

Vitamin A Capsules: 10 Capsules

Method and Use of Fairness Cream

Mix well all the given ingredients in a bowl, Put into a bottle and place in fridge, use this cream at morning and night. It will remove your Dark Spots, Moles, and Freckles slowly slowly in 15 days and your face complexion will also glow up, moreover take a Multivitamin daily at night, Especially which multivitamin include with Biotin, Selenium, Magnesium.

Chehre Ki Chaiyan, Dagh aur Til Khatam Karne ki Cream ka Tarika in Hindi

Taja doodh: 4 khanay k chamach, Glycerine: 4 khanay k chamach, Zinc Oxide Cream 2 khanay k chamach, Castor Oil (Kastroil) 2 khanay k chamach, Hydrogen Peroxide 2 chai k chamach, kawar gandal ka guda 2 cup, Vitamin A Capsules 10 adad.

Banane aur Istimal Ka Tariqa

Tamam cheezon ko aik sath bartan mein achi tarah mix kar lain aur aik botal main dal k farig mein rakh lain, es cream ko subah aur rat chehre par lagain es say ap k chehray ki chaiyan, dagh aur till ahista ahista khtam ho jain gay.

Es k ilawa rozana raat ko multivitamin khain khas tor par jis ma iotin, Selenium, Magnesium shamil ho 15 din me rang gora ho jaye ga aur chaiyan, dagh khatam ho jaye ge.

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