From Double Chins to Premature Ageing, Cosmetic Physician Revealed


Get Rid Of Discoloration And Freckles

London: An expert has revealed how you can easily heal a variety of skin concerns. Australian cosmetic physician Dr. Phoebe Jones said thanks to technological advances and scientific research we now know how to treat skincare conditions like rosacea and pigmentation.


‘The even better news is that we are seeing the way in which treatments at home and at the clinic can complement each other for optimal results in addressing some of the most common skincare problems affecting Australians,’ she said.

Get Rid Of Discoloration And Freckles

Remove Freckles and Melasma in 10 Days

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Anti-ageing Skincare Routine for Flawless Skin

Dr. Phoebe Jones has shared expert tips for treating six common skincare woes at home and at the clinic.

Pigmentation: Skin pigmentation occurs when dark spots appear on the body, often on the face, neck, and décolletage. Dr. Jones said that for many people it can be a result of excessive UV exposure or imbalanced hormones.

At home: ‘When it comes to pigmentation, there is no better form of protection than sunscreen,’ she said. ‘This requires a strict SPF application every single day, even if you spend most of the day in the office.’

She said that reapplying at lunchtime is key and recommends over the counter ingredients that brighten, such as niacinamide, kojic acid, licorice root extract, retinol, and 2 percent hydroquinone.

At the physicians: ‘Diagnosis is important to determine what treatment plan is suitable,’ she said. Pigmentation as a result of sun damage compared to pigmentation due to melasma needs to be treated accordingly as one course of action can be more aggressive than the other.

‘For gradual improvement, I recommend laser facials for both conditions,’ Dr. Jones said. ‘Alternatively, for more rapid improvement of the sun-damaged skin, I recommend some more intense treatments to resurface the skin, such as with a C02 laser, and other lasers that can specifically target sunspots.’

Rosacea: Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that presents itself as a reddish like appearance on the skin usually on the cheeks, chin, and forehead.

At home: ‘Using water-based lotions and makeup, rather than oil-based ones are great for rosacea sufferers. Also, if you suffer from acne rosacea, I’d suggest using a non-comedogenic sunscreen,’ Dr. Jones said.

‘Avoiding triggers such as alcohol, temperature extremes, spicy foods, hot showers, and sun exposure will reduce rosacea breakouts, otherwise, look out for over the counter topical ingredients that reduce redness and inflammation like niacinamide and azelaic acid.’

At the physicians: ‘As well as a variety of prescription medications, vascular lasers can be used to reduce redness and broken capillaries on the face,’ she said.

Large pores: ‘Enlarged pores are caused by excessive oil production in our bodies, and although there are many reasons why this may occur, it usually comes down to genetics,’ she said.

At home: ‘In order to remove dead skin cells and prevent the build-up of excess sebum, a topical salicylic acid should be applied after washing the face with a product containing an AHA or BHA,’ explains Dr. Jones. ‘Non-comedogenic creams and makeup are your friends,’ she adds.

At the physicians: ‘Further treatments include lasers to improve collagen stimulation. My favorites are the laser genesis and C02 fractionally ablative lasers,’ Dr. Jones said. daily mail


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