Front Open Double Shirt Style Tail Gown Frock Net Dresses 2017

Front Open Double Shirt Style Dresses, Front Open Tail Gown Dresses 2017 208 Front Open Frock, Open shirt kameez design

Why should boys have all the fun? You might wonder why I started this article from this sentence. Remember the old days when the new trend was to keep the shirt front open? Boys loved to do that as it symbolized style. Now with the latest style we the ladies can also get the same look. Yes the Front Open Style Double Shirt Dresses 2017 are now trending.


These dresses are a bit difficult to stitch but as a whole are worth the effort and money. The shirt is double from the front and single at the back. Overall it gives a look that you are wearing a shirt over another. Front open dresses include Front open tail gowns and front open frocks. This article will guide you to get the best out of these styles.


Front Open Tail Gowns

As the name suggests the dress has two parts, a simple gown and the other coat like front open gown that has a long train/tail. With the right combination of colors, design and decoration this dress can rock any event. You can wear it on a wedding , a farewell party , a family dinner or even on a birthday party.


The princess look and the elegance of this style is astonishing.  Be sure to go for a lighter tone of color for the inner gown and a darker color tone for the other gown. Pearls and a back motif will enhance the elegance if used to decorate this costume.


Front Open Frocks

This design is not much different from the one mentioned above except for the part that the inner gown is not a gown but is a frock. The frock is floor length and it is not at all different from the normal frock.

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This dress on the whole is just like the Victorian style dress. Again the colors should be in contrast or the frock is in lighter tones of the same color and the front open coat in dark color.


Front Open Double Shirt Style Dresses

The above mentioned designs are the floor length designs. This Open shirt kameez design is either knee length or even shorter, just covering half thighs. It can be worn over a pair of ripped jeans. More funky it is, more perfect it will look.


Front open dress designs are now the latest thing in the fashion market. You can choose from a large variety of colors and styles while getting your new front open dress stitched. if we talk about the trends related to decoration of this style, mostly the upper coat is decorated. This style is even worn on weddings by brides with the coat all covered in stone and dapka work, in gold and in silvers.


And last but not the least, Front Open Double Shirt Style Dresses give an uplift to your body and figure making you look skinny and attractive. So we highly recommend this style for those who are a bit conscious about their weight.

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