Furniture Care Tips: Best Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture


Like your body, wooden furniture needs to be taken care of during the summer as well. Bright rays from the sun and high temperatures can cause damage to those gorgeous and expensive chairs and tables you’ve set up so dearly.  So don’t let the scorching temperatures wreak havoc on your wooden items. Here are seven easy ideas to keep your wooden furniture looking fresh and new.

Keep pieces away from heat: Avoid placing antique wooden furniture in direct sunlight and other mediums of heat, which could loosen glued joints, veneers, inlays, and marquetry. So, keep your furniture away from heating and air-conditioning vents, radiators, or stoves. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain humidity levels and minimize the effects of moisture on the pieces.

Furniture Care Tips and Polish at Home

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Cover it up:

Invest in furniture covers that are available in various sizes and types to protect outdoor tables and chairs and so, prolong their lifespan. These are made of polyester, vinyl, or canvas and are usually waterproof and UV-resistant. Choose a product that offers complete coverage from the wind, sun, and rain.


The best way to give your furniture a makeover and also protect it is to paint it. While there are chances of the furniture losing its original sheen, the paint will keep the pieces looking new. Latex paint offers various levels of protection and is the most common one used for coating outdoor furniture. Apart from offering versatility and durability, the latex seals the wood fibers and protects against water penetration.


Weather can be unpredictable at times. It is better to take precautionary measures beforehand and keep your outdoor wooden furniture protected. Applying a water sealant to the furniture will retain the look of the wood and give the furniture adequate protection against rain. This not only guarantees protection against moisture outside but also dries up damp wood within the sealant faster. Even wood stains and water repellents protect wooden furniture and help retain its color.


Change the placement of the furniture according to climatic conditions. For instance, if harsh sun rays are directly falling on the wooden items, move them to where there is ample shade.


Most outdoor furniture will benefit from a mild scrubbing and rinsing at the start and finish of each season. Many pieces also work best with an annual sanding and a fresh coat of a good outdoor varnish to prevent drying or cracking. Maintenance will vary depending on the wood type. Variations in temperature can cause wood to crack. Help prevent further damage by cleaning with an oil-based soap and a soft-bristled brush and hose off when complete.

Polish and clean regularly:

Instead of using oils to enhance the finish and appearance of furniture, apply a coat of high-quality paste wax on them. Apart from wax, dust pieces with a soft, lint-free cloth on a regular basis will help sustain the original look of the furniture while protecting it from erosion.