Get Rid of Arthritis Pain and Joints Pain, Lower Uric Acid Naturally

Wear and tear, swelling and chronic pain in the joints are symptoms of what is formally dubbed as arthritis. Rheumatic and osteoarthritis are the most common forms of arthritis in Pakistan, majorly affecting women over 40.

Developing arthritis is wrongly attributed as a consequence of aging. There are, in fact, a number of common habits that may cause the symptoms to develop – and maybe exacerbate your condition. Here is a list of tips to beat joint pain and get your life back!

Get Rid of Arthritis and Lower Uric Acid


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1) Make your kitchen joint-friendly

Disclaimer: all mums take note! Laborious lifting and movement of utensils while working in the kitchen may cause chronic pain in the joints. An interesting tip to minimise joint pain is to use aluminum utensils that weigh lighter and electronic processors that make kneading, whisking and grinding easy. Utensils with two handles also ease pressure on the joints while working in the kitchen.

2) Do not be a couch potato

Research proves that mild physical activity after every thirty minutes keeps the joints in shape. It is advisable to engage in mild physical activity if you have been sitting for too long. If your work requires you to sit for long stretches or you have been watching television non-stop basking on the couch, it is not a bad idea to set the alarm for a break after every half an hour or maybe do push-ups during commercial breaks! Every little goes a long way!

3) Make exercise a necessity

Some form of physical activity that races up your heartbeat for at least thirty minutes a day is imperative to your health. This could be anything – from swimming, cycling to a walk in the park or doing yoga in your living room. Physical activity keeps your joints active and prevents the cartilage from swelling.

4) Keep an eye on your BMI

Studies have found a correlation between obesity and osteoarthritis. Keeping the weighing scales in check and within the range of a healthy BMI is important when it comes to steering clear of osteoarthritis. Excess weight makes movement cumbersome for your joints and bones so keep that in mind before downing that giant cheesy burger!

5) Calcium and Vitamin D supplements

Make sure that your daily intake of calcium and vitamin D is sufficient. It is advisable to take supplements as prescribed by your physician. Inadequate exposure to sunlight is a major cause of Vitamin D deficiency. If you want to leave no stone upturned in beating arthritis and joint pain, make sure you get your daily dose of sunshine or dhoop therapy!

6) Say YES to fish

Fish is jam-packed with omega-3s which help keep the cartilage healthy and intact, improving the lubrication between bones and joints. Making fish a major chunk of your weakly meals is a way to escape arthritis before it even starts – and for those of you who already inflicted by the condition, fish consumption will be a ray of hope – we promise!

7) Avoid the elevator, take the stairs

Yes! That’s correct! Our metropolitan lifestyles with high-rise buildings and automobiles have minimized the amount of movement we need. Climbing stairs is a way to retain some level of physical activity that is essential to keep us fit. So the next time you have to go to the third floor, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator – and your bones, joints and muscles will thank you!