Get Rid of House Lizards (Chipkali) Best Home Remedies

Get Rid of House Lizards (Chipkali)

Hopefully, we’re all on the same page here about lizards and other creepy crawlies around our houses get rid of them, stat! Living in a region that is a hotbed for house lizards they seem to live rent-free on our ceilings each season means we need more ways to tackle the problem.

So if you’re on the same boat as the majority of Pakistanis, tired of chasing both baby and fat mommy lizards around the house, then here’s a list of ways, compiled from 99, that can effectively tackle the problem! And hopefully, won’t have to resort to it too often.

Get Rid of House Lizards (Chipkali) Best Home Remedies

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Use mosquito repellent:

Now, you might be thinking, when did you ask for help with mosquitoes? But, hear us out. The secret lies in the fact that lizards feed on mosquitoes, so the fewer mozzies, the fewer lizards! Not just that, they also seem to hate the smell of the chemicals and ultimately run away.

Just spray the repellent or apply the liquid to places you often see lizards passing. Or, if you already know where they’re hiding, spray the liquid there.

Get cleaning under the sink:

The cabinets under sinks are a lizard favorite – it’s warm, it’s damp, and it has an ample water source (if your pipes are a little leaky). They tend to lay their eggs in these favorable conditions, and chances are that the majority of them in your house are borne from here.

The easiest way to break the chain is to regularly clean the cabinets under your sinks, and make sure they’re dry. You can use newspapers to line the base and don’t forget to change them often.

The eggshell trick:

Next time you’re scrambling those eggs, make sure you save the shells. Lizards dislike the smell of eggs (who actually does?) and that’ll keep them at bay for the time being.

Wipe the shells dry with a piece of tissue, then leave them close to where the lizards frequent. Don’t forget to throw away the eggshells by the next day for hygiene reasons, though!

Garlic gets them gone:

Garlic works much the same as eggs in this regard – lizards can’t stand the smell of it and are usually repelled intensely.

Cut a clove of garlic, and leave it where you don’t want lizards. You can also put it near a small table fan, to blow it across the room. Cutting the garlic up is really important, just leaving a clove of garlic there won’t work – you need to really get the scent out.

Naphthalene balls:

Naphthalene balls (mothballs) drive away many kinds of bugs, including lizards, and could really help you keep them at bay.

However, caution: only try this if you don’t have any children or pets around. If you do have children, you might want to reconsider this option – it can cause nausea and vomiting if ingested, even if a child puts her finger in her mouth after touching them.