Green Tea Health Benefits, Side Effects & Uses for Weight Loss

Green Tea Benefits, Side Effects and Uses for Weight Loss

Green Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects
Green Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects

Green Tea is not a new secret in Asia. It’s been around for thousands of years. Almost every single person around the world know that Green Tea is an herbal remedy that will help keep a person healthy and also prevent some serious medical conditions such as diabetes and heart related issues.

However, it will help you to lose weight and there are many other things that it can do for you:

  •     Prevent the fat absorption
  •     Protects the digestive system due to its natural anti-oxidants
  •     Raises your metabolism to burn you excess fat and Prevent the fat absorption.
  •     Raise the energy level to make a person more active.
  •     Anti-oxidants in green tea ends the stored fat in the body.
  •     Reduces the food cravings situation.

The best thing about the Green Tea is that it is natural, and you do not have to face any side effects. At the same time, it prevents other toxic and medical diseases from your body.

Green Tea For Weight Loss:

Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss is considered to be the best method as compared to the Diet Pills. It contains poly phenols which produce more heat and in turn it helps you to burn more calories. Green tea also holds polysaccharides, which regulate your blood sugar level and help you to cut down your sugar cravings.

Green Tea can also control the appetite so that one can’t be eating more than the actual requirement and thus indirectly cuts down the calorie intake which will result in Weight Loss. It’s also known to be the best one to speed up the fat burning state due to the active ingredients. If you drink green tea regularly, it will help you to burn off more fat.

You will need to include healthy eating like intake of whole grain foods, more green vegetables and fruits and cut the sugary food, fatty food, oily food. Maintaining a regular exercise routine and instead of coffee, drink green tea and you are on a right track towards slimming.

Green Tea Health Benefits

  •     Reduce the frequency of illness
  •     Improve the gum and teeth health
  •     Lowered inflammation
  •     Increase the vision and eye health
  •     Reduce the risk of getting cancers
  •     Lower the blood pressure

Green Tea Side Effects

One of the most commonly green tea side effects is insomnia because it contains caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system and causes sleeplessness.
Other side effects are mentioned below;

  •     Increases the production of stomach acid.
  •     causes constipation because of the tannin component
  •     Increases heart rate
  •     Increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Despite of all the side effects that are associated with drinking green tea, There are many positive aspects that can make it more popular and best way to reduce the weight.

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  1. Your article is very informative. Green tea does not only reduce the weight but also keep a person active and healthy.

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