Hair Care Tips for Winter: Homemade Hair Growth Oil for Long Hair

Homemade Hair Growth Oil for Long Hair


London: Your hair can lose its luster if you don’t take proper care in winter. Britain-based hairstylist Asgar Saboo suggests these tips to help keep your tresses looking glossy, moisturized, and full of life: Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner to get a healthy shine.

But avoid using too much shampoo, as it is a fact that due to cold winter winds, your hair and scalp are left dryer than usual. When it comes to hair care routines to control hair fall oiling should be an essential part. Oiling is extremely necessary for proper hair growth. It stimulates hair growth. Watch the following video.

Homemade Hair Growth Oil for Long Hair


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A hair conditioner is a must.

Apply a suitable conditioner each time you wash your hair, focusing only on the strands of hair, avoiding the scalp. Add a hair treatment mask once a week to your hair care routine to keep your locks healthy.

Avoid using a hairdryer.

Ideally, it is always good to let your hair dry naturally. If you are using a hairdryer, don’t over-dry your hair as it will leave it frizzy and damaged.

Try not to leave the house with wet hair.

The cold weather can freeze the hair at the cuticle and cause it to break. If you use heat styling tools, like curling tongs or hair straighteners, then you must always use a good quality, nourishing heat defense spray or leave-in conditioner to protect your hair and keep it looking glossy and hydrated.

Use natural oil.

In extreme weather, be it winter or summer, it is essential to put moisture back in your hair to prevent it from breaking. Some natural oils that work particularly well include coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil.

Trim your hair.

It is essential to refresh your haircut regularly in order to get rid of split ends. Aim to get it done every six to eight weeks, as this will promote healthy hair and hair growth.

Cover your crown to protect your hair from the cold.

Make sure to wear a scarf or a hat to lock in the moisture of your tresses and to save it from breakage. Also to avoid frizzy, static-prone hair in the winter months, keep your hair tied up as much as possible, particularly when out and about, and especially when exercising.

Homemade Hair Growth Oil for Long Hair