Have Asthma? Here is How Aloe Vera Gel Can Save You!

Here is How Aloe Vera Gel Can Save You!


Lahore: The increase in industrial and vehicular pollution has led to a rise in Asthma cases around the world. Other factors that trigger asthma are anxiety, depression, and an overactive immune system. In this disease, the air passage in the lung compresses making it difficult for the person to breathe in an effortless manner. There are many medicines available in aiding Asthma, including synthetic steroid-based inhalers, but they do not offer a long-lasting solution to this debilitating disease.

Aloe vera gel can be effectively used to combat Asthma in a safe, natural way. The immuno-modulating properties of aloe vera gel intervene in the overactive immune mechanism of the patient and coordinate biochemical reactions. This supports pulmonary respiration to reduce or eliminate the inflammation in the air passages and normalize breathing.

Asthma Causes and Treatment Options







When the bronchioles, the air passages that connect the mouth or nose with air sacs of the lungs, get constricted due to allergic reactions to irritants like smoke, vehicular pollution, chemicals, pet fur, or any other allergens, it becomes difficult to breathe in a normal and effortless manner.

Since they are located close to the lungs, any infection or congestion due to mucus can cause serious breathing problems.

For immediate relief, mix a tablespoon of pure aloe vera gel in boiling water and inhale the steam. The combined effects of Acemannan, Aloin, and enzymes like Bradykinase, have anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating, and reparative effects on the inflamed internal tissue.

Their action reduces and eliminates the mucus and inflammation present in the airway and restores the proper movement of air through the Bronchioles.

People who suffer from Asthma should regularly take 25 ml of pure aloe vera gel three times a day. Eventually, they’ll notice the improvement in their breathing. Those who suffer from throat infections should regularly use a mixture of aloe vera gel in lukewarm water and gargle after every meal until the infection is cured.

This prevents the infection from spreading to the lower respiratory region, which otherwise can complicate the condition, especially for elderly people.

The following are some tips for asthma patients in order to keep this illness under control. With appropriate management patients with this condition can live normal lives.

  • If you or your child suffers from episodic cough, wheezing, tightness of the chest, or difficulty in breathing, go to an expert for proper diagnosis and management.
  • Avoid allergens like house dust mites (present in carpets), Tobacco, or other forms of smoke.
  • Allow fresh air and sunlight inside your house.
  • Bedsheets/blankets/pillow covers must be kept in sunlight regularly to kill house dust mites.
  • Keep the house and its bathroom/kitchen clean. Cockroaches are an asthma patient’s biggest enemy.
  • Use your metered-dose inhalers available in aerosols or dry powders prescribed by the doctors regularly in order to prevent asthma attacks.
  • Keep in mind that inhalers are safe and do not become a habit as commonly believed in Pakistan.
  • Keep a check on your asthma control by using the questionnaire Asthma Control Test (ACT) available on the internet.
  • Record your peak flow readings by using a small gadget called a peak flow meter. Peak flow readings tell you about the degree of narrowing of your air tubes of lungs.
  • Avoid active and passive smoking at all costs.
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that asthma attacks are not precipitated by eating rice, yogurt, banana, ice cream, or eggs as commonly believed in Pakistan.
  • Do not discourage your children, with asthma, to take part in physical games and exercises.