How to Burn Belly Fat FAST: Australian Dietitian Reveals

Causes of Belly Fat in Women

London: A dietitian has revealed how you can lose belly fat by ‘programming’ your body through proper eating habits. Susie Burrell, from Sydney, said people over the age of 30 are more likely to gain weight around the middle because of hormonal shifts.

She told Sunrise managing the problem was a case of changing ‘dietary patterns’ so the body wasn’t as prone to producing excessive insulin which can cause visceral (belly) fat. Susie’s top tips for losing weight include increasing fiber intake for better gut health, ditching sugary foods, and drinking extra juice when working out.

Causes of Belly Fat in Women

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1. Increase your fiber serves to five a day

According to dietary recommendations, the average Australian requires 30 grams of fiber per day. Susie said a high-fiber intake helps to lower cholesterol problems and regulate insulin, particularly when it is consumed in the morning.

To meet daily requirements, the dietitian suggested eating two slices of dark, seedy bread, two servings of fruit as well as five servings of vegetables (a serving is considered half a cup). ‘Include some fresh fruit and vegetables as part of every meal – at breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get that bulk,’ Susie said.

She said by eating the recommended amount of fiber daily you’ll be naturally fuller and that this was an easy way to regulate appetite and hormones.

2. Caffeine helps kick-start the metabolism

Caffeine, in any form, helps stimulate your metabolism and is particularly effective when you drink in the morning. Susie explained the stimulating properties of caffeine helped to ‘mobilize fat stores’ as well as to repress the appetite.

She said if you are watching your weight, you will need to check how milky your coffee is as this is where hidden sugars can be found.

3. Eating sugar makes you crave more sugar

If you prefer breakfast on-the-go, there’s a chance you may be drawn to muffins, banana bread or smoothies. Susie said the problem of these types of foods, particularly in the morning, is they increase insulin and will drive up your appetite.

This means despite having eaten, you’ll still feel ravenous and may find yourself constantly snacking as a way to satisfy ‘hunger’.

4. Make sure you drink plenty of fluid throughout the day

In addition to drinking two liters of water a day, something that helps you naturally feel fuller, Susie also recommends drinking green tea. She said research has shown green tea helps increase metabolic rate (how fast your body converts food to energy) and the beverage can also quash sugar cravings.

The nutritionist also said there’s some evidence to show drinking water that’s ice-cold is a way to get your metabolism firing. ‘If you sip on iced water all day, you could burn about 100 extra calories over the course of the day,’ she said.

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