How To Do Ombre Lips Makeup Tutorial Step By Step Picture

Ombre lips: Trend How To Apply Ombre Lipstick Tutorial

Ombre lips Trend is becomes very famous in these days among the women of every country not only in Asia, also in western countries America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) Australia etc, also in Pakistani and India Women and Girls.

Doing Ombre lipstick is on high peak and popular fashion because of it’s outstanding and Beautiful look, therefore on every wedding and party girls like to do Ombre lip makeup.

it is a very similar combination of colours that applied from lightest to darkest, beginning at center of the face, and it is mostly outlined by a darker shade of lips pencil or lipstick to fake fuller lips.

Today We are sharing with you a simple and easy Ombre Lips Tutorial Step by Step by using Mulac Cosmetics Wonka and Sorbet lipstick NYX Cosmetics HD concealer with the help of Picture.

Before applying Ombre lipstick make sure that your product in the right order.

How To Do Ombre Lips Makeup. Here is the three step for applying Ombre, Follow This step.

1. First Step

Apply Concealer.

2. Second Step

Apply Wonka and Left Middle Part of The Lip Unfilled.

3. Third Step

Apply Sorbet and Blend.

It’s Don Your Ombre lips are ready, enjoy it.

How To Do Ombre Lipstick Tutorial Step By Step Picture

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  1. i m 13 and i can do it better ..but u did it best but how cn we do it using lipbalms ? any suggestions ? plz tell coz i dont use lipsticks coz i m 13…

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