How To Gain or Increase Weight Quickly at Home

 Gain or Increase Weight Quickly Food and Tips

Every person have desire to look handsome and beautiful, overweight peoples wants to reduce weight, while slim and smart people have wish to increase their body weight. We are sharing some reasons of weakness and slimness.

Reasons of Underweight

Visually brain and nerves, Stomach diseases, Liver Diseases, Stomach Warms, Uses of faulty foods, Do not using of balanced diet, Lack of Hemoglobin and albumin serum protein in blood, Lack of blood, Weakness of the immune system, Tension.

Tips for of Gaining Weight

Tip No 1

Take 4 Dry Dates and put them in to 250 grams warm milk, leave for night and eat them early in the morning with empty stomach, and after drink milk, eat four bananas and drink 250 grams milk from one hour before sleeping, take this diet for at least 40 days.

Tip No 2


Black Moles: 250 grams

Sweet Almonds Nuts: 50 grams

Coconuts: 125 grams

Misri Glossary: 125 grams


Grand all the things together and make a powder. Take two tablespoon at the night with warm milk, it will makes your body strong and gives strength to heart liver and nerves system, face become fresh and healthy, take this regularly.

Uses of Fig, Currants, Olive Oil, Milk, Butter etc also increases weight

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