Hypothyroidism Treatment: Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Thyroid Disease


Hypothyroidism Treatment at Home

LAHORE: The Human body is a complex structure. It is being controlled and functioned by the multiple organs and hormones. After the heart and brain, a special and secret gland is responsible for controlling the metabolic rate and protein synthesis. It also the main gland which maintains the oxygen level of the body.


The thyroid is situated in the neck; this two-inch gland plays a significant role in managing weight, mood swings, hair growth, body temperature, heart-rate as well as other essential functions like brain development and fertility.

Hypothyroidism Treatment at Home

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However, when this gland does not function properly or produces more hormones, then multiple problems can crop up for an individual.

These two health problems are becoming a major problem and affecting a larger population. Today is the ‘World Thyroid Day,’ and on this occasion, we have looked down for some tips and changes in lifestyle which can reduce the risk of these diseases as well as manage the disorder.

As hypothyroidism, it is a lifetime disease, and it has to be regularly evaluated. A patient takes life-saving medicines to have the right amount of iodine in their diet.

Other than keeping a safe amount of iodine in the body one thing that affects (thyroid patients) is soy protein. If they are indulging in anything made out of soy daily, then that needs to be stopped.

Best Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Thyroid Disease

1# Having at least six to eight hours of sleep daily.

2# Intake of minimum 5 seasonal fruits and some vegetables in the diet.

3# Water intake at least eight glasses a day

4# One hour of physical exercise.

5# Avoid fizzy drinking drinks and sugary beverages

6# Add nuts and resins to your diet

These few habits and adding in your daily routine will surely help to minimize diseases associated with thyroid disorder such as obesity, laziness, anemia, etc. source

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