Furniture Polish: Tips to Keep your Furniture Looking New

furniture polish

London: The moment you find the perfect piece of furniture is very satisfying. Finally, your home decor vision has been fulfilled. Now it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy your home. We want you to enjoy this feeling for as long as you can. Keep your furniture from looking old, worn-out, or damaged by following these four general furniture care tips.

Read the Care Label: If your furniture came with a care label, read it! This information is very important because it is specific to the piece you purchased. Your furniture may look brand new right now, but to keep it looking this way you need to become acquainted with proper care.

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If your furniture did not come with a label, ask the person you purchased from for any specific care instructions.

Avoid Sun Exposure:

Keep your furniture out of the sun, especially directly under windows to avoid fading over time. If the placement of your furniture will inevitably be in the sun, consider rotating or moving the furniture often. Regularly conditioning leather couches will slow down the process of cracking.

Try adding a window film if you really want to keep the sun’s harmful rays out.


We are creatures of habit and tend to sit in the same spot on our couch or chairs every day. Rotating your cushions will help them from losing their form. You can also try to sit in a different spot after all change can be good for us too! Don’t forget to vacuum cushions weekly, as this helps to slow down the signs of aging. Don’t forget to rotate your mattresses as well, usually recommended to do so in the spring and fall.

Protect Surfaces:

Tabletop usage leads to a lot of wear and tear. You can protect the surface in a variety of ways. Coasters are great for those pesky watermark lines from glassware. Use placemats, tablecloths, runners, or glass coverings to protect tops from food stains, general usage, or children’s crayon and marker art.

Cleaning with mild soap on a damp cloth, dusting, and polishing wood surfaces helps maintain the look. However, be careful to not over polish. This can lead to stripping of the natural finish. Even if you have done all that you could to protect your furniture, life happens!

Here are some tips for cleaning common furniture material:

Wood: Use a soft cloth and always start with a gentle cleaning agent only move to a stronger one if needed. Use a damp, not wet, cloth for cleaning and a different clean cloth to dry. You do not want the wood to be saturated.

Leather: Dust the leather surface before cleaning. Using a cleaning solution that is equal parts vinegar and water wipe down the leather with a damp, not wet, rag. Dry with a new cloth.

Fabric: The first step is to vacuum the fabric, removing all the dirt and dust. Then, check the care label to determine what type of cleaning agents can be used. If there is not one, spot test in a hidden area before cleaning the entire piece. Start with a gentle cleaner if possible.

Rug care is just as important, so we created a useful cleaning guide that makes most stains manageable.