Kitchen Gardening: Six Gardening Tips and Tricks to Know

Kitchen Gardening

If years of fertilizing and fussing have failed to prod your turf to perfection, it’s time to change tactics. Although many of us in Pakistan leave our gardens’ fate in the hands of our maalis, it’s great to know how to add value to what can be one of the most serene parts of our house. Make the grass greener on your side by following these tips and tricks to acquire the ultimate lush-green lawn and envious neighbors.

The trend of kitchen gardening is gaining popularity in Rawalpindi as an increasing number of people, especially women, take a keen interest in growing organic vegetables in their houses.

Kitchen gardening

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Soup your garden

The next time you boil or steam vegetables, don’t pour the water down the drain. Instead, use it to water potted plants and bald spots on your lawn. You’ll be amazed to see how the plants respond to the ‘vegetable soup’.

Use chamomile tea to clear fungus

Chamomile tea, misted onto the soil surface with a spray bottle two to three times a week, will help protect young seedlings from fungus. This tea contains anti-fungal properties, which offset pathogens in the soil. Let the grass in your garden sip this tea and watch it grow thick and strong!

Coffee up the soil

Don’t toss away the used coffee grounds after you have brewed your morning coffee. Since they include trace minerals that help in holding moisture, you can use them to enrich your soil and provide a great base for your flowering plants. Coffee even smells amazing, so you won’t have to hold your nose while you mix it in the soil.

Don’t go too short

Of course, you like a trimmed look for your garden for those weekly chai get-togethers, but grass cut short response by growing faster. The lower you mow, the more herbicides and water you need. If your grass is three inches tall, don’t cut more than an inch of it.

Don’t mow a wet lawn

Mowing the lawn when it has just been watered will compress the soil, which won’t let the roots breathe. When that happens, the grass dies and you’ll see bald spots on your lawn.

Avoid nighttime watering

Don’t put the lawn to sleep with wet feet. Let the grass dry out before the dew falls since prolonged moisture invites disease. The best time to water is early morning. You’ll lose water to evaporation by sprinkling it midday. Use this tip to get a grip on your garden.