Lose Weight Fast: I Lost 18 kilos on This Plan, You Can Too!

Eat This Food to Lose Weight Naturally

Today, I am extremely happy to share an experience I had over the span of four months. During this time, I lost 18kgs off to finally achieve my ideal weight. It’s not an extraordinary achievement because there are many others who have been able to do a lot more than that. Neither was I on one of those crazy crash diets that scare people away from scratch nor was I following any of those numerous diet plans found on the Internet.

If your weight remains constant, this is likely a sign that you are taking in the same amount of calories that you burn daily. If you’re slowly gaining weight over time, it is likely that your caloric intake is greater than the number of calories you burn through your daily activities. I followed my own plan, based on some research and experience.

Eat This Food to Lose Weight Naturally

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Want to Lose Weight


And guess what?

My strategy was extremely effective, and I achieved my target weight of 75kgs in four months. Research shows that an effective weight loss rate is around one kilogram per week. Considering my total weight loss, I was right on the money!

Neither was I inspired by any actor nor did I want to wear my favorite dress, as shown in various cereals advertisements. A trip to Pakistan was all I needed. Since I went back home after two years, I was invited over to many of my relative’s houses. Throughout my trip, I was bombarded with snacks, fizzy drinks, and oily foods, as is common in countries like India and Pakistan.

As a result, I discovered that I gained two kilos in just five days! This was a killer for me because I was already 16kgs above my ideal weight. Since I have a large physique, I would placate myself by saying that I really didn’t appear to be someone who weighs 91kgs. But this soon stopped satisfying me and hence, I decided to go on a weight-loss rampage.

The diet plan:

Here, I would like to share with you my food schedule.

Breakfast – Nestle fitness cereals or porridge.

Lunch – A couple of boiled eggs or steamed chicken sandwiches in brown or wholemeal bread with any sauce of your choice excluding mayonnaise or any other creamy blended sauce, not even low fat. And an apple and an orange.

Dinner – Grilled or steamed chicken, fish, or steaks with a couple of brown or wholemeal bread with any sauce.
Besides the three regular meals, I used to have a cup or two of coffee or tea a day, around 2.5 liters of water, and some nuts.

Most of the credit for my weight loss and unfaltering willpower goes to my mom and my wife, who cooked grilled food for me every other day and supported me throughout my diet regime.

Exercise plan:

Exercising is a hard bit. It was quite a tough task because we need to spare time and have the willpower to be consistent. There are many ways by which one can find the inspiration to avoid boredom in exercise. For me, the most significant thing was my inner feeling. If we have the internal push, nothing can stop us from achieving our target. I believe that all other external factors such as watching TV and exercising outdoors are minor issues.

Ever since I started working out, I have been doing the same exercises; running, striding, cycling, and 40 minutes of aerobics. I had to spare around an hour and a half a day. In the beginning, though, the exercise was a bit mild; I started with half an hour daily and progressed from there.

To maintain the urge, I gave myself one day a week ─ a cheat day. I think it is important to compensate for the effort of the whole week and change our exercise and eating patterns for one day. However, what we shouldn’t do is let ourselves go extremely off track. For me, my cheat food was either biryani or Chili’s chocolate molten lava cake (yum), and I would replace aerobics with swimming during the weekends.

This plan worked brilliantly for me and today, I am a confident, healthy, and happy man! I hope this piece serves as inspiration and encouragement for those who want to change their lifestyle for the better.