Mouth-watering recipes from Weight Watchers to Lose Belly Fat

 Lose Belly Fat

After a busy day, it’s good to be rewarded with a tasty evening meal but many of us simply don’t have the energy or inclination to toil over-complicated recipes to help meet our health and fitness goals. But what if you could sit down to a plate of succulent sticky meat with noodles, or an aromatic Asian-style fish parcel, within half an hour of taking off your coat?

This isn’t a pipe dream, but the reality of today’s delicious selection of myWW recipes, as they all take a maximum of 30 minutes to prepare and serve.

Fat Loss Hari Chatni for Lunch

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Planning is vital to staying on track when hunger strikes — and, with myWW’s super-flexible approach, the hard work has already been done for you.

As outlined in this Saturday’s Weekend magazine, myWW offers the choice of three plans — Green, Blue, and Purple — so that you can choose the one best tailored to your lifestyle and include the foods you enjoy while still achieving the same weight loss.

Not only is myWW packed full of fuss-free recipes, but it also allows you to make your own easy-to-assemble meals from the ingredients you love.

This is because all three color plans are based on the scientifically proven WW SmartPoints system and include an abundant list of ZeroPoint foods (see below for more details on how myWW works) to enjoy without weighing or counting them towards your daily food budget.

Your ZeroPoint food list is there to help, particularly when you’re stuck or in a rush,’ says Julia Westgarth at WW. ‘Stock your cupboard or fridge with your ZeroPoint favorites, plus other everyday foods that are low in SmartPoints, so you always have something to hand for a quick supper.’

As long as you stick to the SmartPoints Budget for your selected color plan, you will lose weight. And don’t forget to make use of frozen foods such as vegetables, prawns, and chicken (all either ZeroPoint foods or low in SmartPoints). Tinned foods are valuable standbys, too, if they don’t contain oil, sauces, or sugar.

Keep today’s selection of mouth-watering recipes handy for speedy supper inspiration when you are hungry and short of time. ( read more at dailymail )