New Simple Indian Mehndi Designs 2022 for Hands Feet

New Simple Indian Mehndi Designs for Hands Feet 2022

Today we will be discussing the Simple Indian Mehndi Design 2022.  Here you will find the collection of the finest, most beautiful and best Mehndi designs that you can apply on your hands and feet for any occasion.






Mehndi is one of the most traditional elements of sub continental culture. The application of Mehndi on hands and feet is also one of the most ancient traditions of this area.


In the beginning, there were no Mehndi Designs known to the world. The hands and feet were just dipped into henna potion, but with time as the other trends of fashion world changed the trends of Mehndi also revamped.




The Mehndi application techniques we know now are a lot different than the ones known a hundred years ago, not only the application techniques but a variety of types are also available in the market.


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Indian Mehndi Design for Hands 2022

These designs are the most versatile of all styles available. A huge variety and transitions are trending in these henna patterns. A few a listed below




Floral Indian Mehndi Design 2022

The whole concept is evident from the name. This floral mehndi design has flowers, flowers and lots of flowers. You can either make a heavy design or an elegant one depending on your mood, likes/dislikes and the type of occasion.


Glitter Indian Mehndi Design 2022

There are two steps to get this style. First you choose any style from the Indian Mehndi Designs Book and apply it on your hands. Once the mehndi is dried you take a glitter cone and use it to fill the design decently. You can use any color you wish depending upon the color of your dress.




Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs 2022

The India and Pakistan both are known to decorate their brides using every possible means. Be it jewelry, dress or mehndi they put an extra effort.


The bridal henna designs are much elaborated and heavy. These patterns are not only limited to the palms of the hand but on both sides of the hands and up to the elbow at times.


Rhinestone Indian Mehndi Design

This is the simplest and the one design you can easily apply as a beginner. The design comprises of a simple mehndi design that must have a few flowers. Once the mehndi is dried up we paste the rhinestone in the center of the flower  and there the style is complete.


Tikki Style Indian Mehndi Designs for Hand 2022

This is the best Indian Mehndi Designs for Hand because of their style and beauty. These designs start with e diamond, square or a round in the center of the hand or arm. Then from this the same pattern is repeated in circular manner adding details and beauty to the design.


Indian Mehndi Designs for Feet

This style is the most liked one in all Mehndi designs for feet. In this a floral bail design that is not much dense is applied on the outer vertical side of the foot. This design makes your feet look a bit fair too! That’s why women like applying this style in India.

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These styles are just a few that are on the top of the list. I personally suggest to try them because these beautiful Indian Mehndi Designs will enhance your beauty and makes you a princess. You can use cone mehndi if you want to draw these designs at home by yourself.