Punjabi Bridal Wedding Suits, Indian Lehenga Choli Dress

Punjabi Bridal Wedding Suits, Indian Lehenga Choli Dress

Punjabi Bridal Suits Lehenga Choli or Wedding Dresses Salwar Kameez mostly worn in Indian State Punjab, Punjabi Bride likes to wear their traditional dress, it look like a Short Skirt with Lehenga, many types of Punjabi Wedding Dresses worn by the Brides of Indian Punjab, like Lehenga Choli, Salwar Kameez, and Short Shirt with Lehenga.

Bridal Dresses Fashion Trends in Indian Punjab 2015. These are New Arrival and Most Beautiful Fancy Bridal Dresses Designs 2015 to wear on Walima the second day of Wedding. Punjabi Bridal mostly wear Lehenga as bridal dress. In the good old days Lehenga was thought-about as a medium length shirt with Loose Lehenga.

Every Bridal have desire that she look very beautiful on his wedding day which have a very impotent day in her life therefore she have worried about that day and she have very exited about dressing on that day. mostly brides like to wear lehenga on wedding day butt in this modern days they also wear embroidered long frock.

Fashion of sleeveless lehenga has been gone now latest trend is full sleeve frock and lehenga is on top in fashion industry, Bridal feels very comfortable to wear full sleeves lehenga and long shirt.

In these days latest wedding dresses fashion trends of long tail frock, tail gown and long shirts with lehenga is very famous in brides of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, and liked to wear on Walima day.

We are Sharing few pictures of the dresses designs that are Designed by Pakistan and Indian Designers according the new arrival fashion trends in Pakistan India Bangladesh and other Asian Countries.

Punjabi Bridal Wedding Suits 2015 India Lehenga Choli Long Shirt
Punjabi Bridal Wedding Suits Long Shirt
Punjabi Bridal Wedding Dress Suits 2015 India Lehenga Choli Long
Punjabi Bridal Wedding Dress



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