Marry an Intelligent Woman: Unlocking the Secrets of a Fulfilling Partnership

Marry an Intelligent Woman

In this day and age of equal educational opportunities, it has become apparent that women can learn and develop critical and problem-solving faculties just as well as men. It’s hard to find a reliable study of gender demographics in the higher categories of the IQ range such as superior or genius level.

While there are lots of excuses such as “testing questions are geared toward categories where men perform better such as mathematics and abstract reasoning.” Studies and general averages aside, there are women out there with superior or genius-level intelligence. Their ratio against male counterparts is disputed, but it doesn’t change the fact there are smart women in the world.

Reasons Why Intelligent Women Are Better Partners


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The intimidating perception of intelligent women:

A lot of men are intimidated by intelligent women. In case you haven’t noticed in the studies above, there are more men in the higher end of the spectrum, but the averages are the same. That’s because there are also more men at the lower end of the graph. The intelligence distribution of the male gender shows that are smarter and dumber than men compared to the median-centric female distribution.

You may wonder what’s the relationship between gender averages and the intimidating perception of an intelligent woman. It just shows that the large distribution of below-average and average men are not comfortable with an above-average woman.

Reasons to marry an intelligent woman:

Sincerity in a relationship has nothing to do with IQ. However, a smart woman will be more creative in showing her love. Assuming that both parties in the relationship truly love each other, the man doesn’t have to carry the burden of keeping the relationship alive by himself.

Do men like intelligent women:

The truth is, that the majority of the population does not like people who are superior to them. Gender aside, women especially, are very vicious when manifesting a crab mentality. A lot of men, especially successful intelligent men, know that the best teams are built around exceptional talent.

So do men like intelligent women? It depends, a lot of men built their success on illusions, instead of achievements. They ride or take credit for the achievements of others and direct blame of their failures on someone else. It creates the image of success by crediting themselves and constantly announcing it to the world.

Men like those detest intelligent women. Smart men recognize other such delusional men and avoid them like a plague. Smart women, on the other hand, attract such losers thinking they are easy marks. It normally results in public humiliation for the delusional man.

Smart men like intelligent women. Napoleon Hills’ book, “Think and Grow Rich,” shows how the mentality of smart and successful people is fundamentally different from the average person. In fact, they do not find it stimulating to discuss things with average people who normally react violently to criticism. via marriage