Weight Loss: Three Healthy Ways to Reduce Weight and Burn Belly Fat


London: Feel like you’ve been working hard, eating well but all of a sudden the weight doesn’t seem to be budging anymore? Here are seven expert tips to help you break through that weight loss plateau. You’ve completely integrated your workouts into your weekly routines. You’ve perfected the art of meal prepping, but all of a sudden the weight you’ve seen steadily melt away doesn’t seem to be budging anymore.

Our bodies are very good at adapting, so during the first few weeks of change if you’ve suddenly introduced regular exercise and a healthier diet you likely saw the weight drop easily off as your body adapted. Once your body got used to the new normal, it started to get comfortable, resulting in a weight loss plateau.

Reduce Weight and Burn Belly Fat


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Certified health and wellness coach Mandi Green says there are several ways you can break through a weight loss plateau, explaining there are a few questions you can ask yourself about your food, activity, and work-life balance, that can help you identify where you can make small, healthy changes.

Here, Mandi shares her top seven tips to help you work through your plateau and it could be as simple as drinking more water.

1. Ditch the booze:

Mandi says that although alcohol is relatively low in carbs and calories – think wine, vodka, and tequila, a 2005 study published in the Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences journal showed that alcohol can suppress fat-burning capabilities and may lead to more fat around your belly.

While not all belly fat is necessarily bad, visceral fat – fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity – can actively increase the risk of some serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and strokes, due to its proximity to your vital organs.

2. Cut back on carbs and add more veggies:

Mandi suggests cutting back on your carb intake instead of loading up on fiber-rich veggies, making them around 75 to 80 percent of your daily food intake. Then, add in some protein, healthy fats such as coconut and olive oil and avocado, and round it out with smaller servings of grains like brown rice and quinoa.

3. Change up your workout:

As mentioned above, your body is incredibly adaptable and can quickly adjust to new forms of exercise or a new diet if you repeat it for long enough, so the trick is to change things up, in particular, your fitness routine. Mandi suggests a combination of strength training and cardio to “maximize your time and optimize your fat burning and muscle building.”

She says you want each workout to be just as challenging as the first workout was – even as you become stronger. Mandi says she always suggests for her clients to go to an Orangetheory Fitness class, which is essentially a group fitness HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class based around the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which has been found to elevate your metabolism and help you burn calories even up to 36 hours after you complete your workout. read more at (nowtolove.co.nz)

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