Best 5 Essential Bridal Skincare Tips to Follow for Glowing Skin

Skincare Tips to Follow for Glowing Skin

Karachi:  For every bride, her wedding day is of course a huge deal. After all, when you know that you are going to be the center of attention, you want to look your best. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for a wedding and sometimes stress can take a toll on our skin. But fear not, because there are some helpful tricks and tips out there to make sure every bride is looking their best. While the jewelry and bridal outfits can help add all the glam, glowing skin can prove to be a bonus to elevate your entire look.

Yes, of course, there’s makeup to add the spark, but there’s nothing like natural glowing skin to make the whole affair a lot easier and hassle-free. For that, it is very important to follow a proper skincare regime to have radiant skin. If you want a dewy complexion like Hamza Abbasi’s gorgeous bride (that glow we will never forget) Naimal Khawar or natural beauty Mira Sethi, consider this skincare regime to boost radiance.

Skincare Tips to Follow for Glowing Skin


Anti-ageing Skincare Routine for Flawless Skin


Facial oils for that skin glow:

For oily skin: Mix 2 drops of tea tree oil, 1 drop of lemon oil, and 1 drop of jojoba oil. Take a few drops of this mixture and gently massage it onto your skin. Apply a hot towel as a compress on your face for a few minutes to aid penetration of the oil. Wipe clean.

For dry skin: It is important to layer your moisturizers and conditioners for this skin type to trap moisture and oil. Mix 3 drops of sandalwood oil, 1 drop of geranium oil, 1 tablespoon almond oil, and 2 teaspoon castor oil. Take a few drops and apply them on your face and don’t forget to massage well. You can use a hot compress and apply a moisturizer to get soft and smooth skin.

Drink green tea:

Start drinking green tea instead of any other form of caffeine. Why? Because not only it will help for a good diet and weight loss but it is also well-known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This will help reduce acne and brighten skin.

Find a nourishing moisturizer:

Make sure that you use a nourishing moisturizer not only on your face but your entire body to keep it hydrated. Weight fluctuations can lead to stretch marks, therefore, it is important to keep your skin well-nourished. Find ingredients like Vitamin E and other natural oils in the products you plan to buy! Saffron and almond oil are also go-to essentials for dewy and hydrated skin.

Take multi-vitamins:

Remember to take good multi-vitamin supplements especially if you are on a diet. If you aren’t having the right amount of nutrients that your body requires then it will ultimately show up on the skin and hair. Omega oil supplements are excellent for your healthy skin.

Wear sunscreen:

Wearing an SPF60 every day, starting from one month before your wedding, will protect your skin from harsh chemicals, pollution, and the sun. It’s also excellent to help prevent wrinkles. So keep reapplying your sunscreen in intervals and don’t forget to cover the lips, ears, and neck.

Almond oil for beautiful hands:

Get your hands prepped for henna. There is going to be a lot of focus on them during the big day so make sure you keep your hands and nails in their best condition. Massage almond oil into your nails and hands on a daily basis. This will make your nails strong and your hands super soft. You can also prepare a DIY mix of olive oil and sugar to gently exfoliate your hands and then moisture them with almond oil.

Skincare Tips to Follow for Glowing Skin