Smokey Makeup Tips Urdu Tutorial Smoky Eyes Step by Step Pics

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial Step by Step in Urdu and English

Smoky Eyes Makeup high peak in modern Fashion Different Style and Technique of Smokey Eyes Makeup are used by different beautician. Today we will teach you How To Apply Smoky Eye Makeup at Home, Step by Step simple Tutorial in Urdu and English for Asian Countries Pakistani Indian and Bangladeshi Girls and Women.

Green smoky eyes, Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips in Urdu English
Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips in Urdu English

How To Get Smokey Eyes.

1. First of all clean and moisturize your skin, so your face look fresh and healthy. After that apply foundation with the helps of foundation brush, and use face powder.

2. After that darker your eyes with eyebrows pencil and set with the help of brush, apply little powder under eyes, it will catch particle, during applying eyeshadow, you can easily remove these particles.

3. Now choice eyeshadow and select dual darker shadow pencil, there we are using green eyes eyeshadow therefore we are using dark green pencil. Now start applying eyes pencil from the inner edge of eyes and cover half eyelid, thus your eyeshadow base will ready. now apply dark gray or black pencil on half eyelid end it on outer edge. at the end blend dual shadow so that merge into each other.

4. Choose shimri eye shade in dark green and gray shadow with the suitability of eyes pencil shadow, apply it on pencil base, blend it gently with blending brush or finger.

5. Make a line by using Mascara on the lower part of eyes, and with the help of smudging brush make bold this line. Apply brown pencil on water line of eyes, it will give soft look. Now gently make a line with gel liner, after that carefully apply mascara and remove the powder with brush which applied under the eyes. Your Smokey Eyes are Ready

Here is Somky Eyes Makeup Tutorial In Urdu for Pakistani Girls by Weekly Akhbar e Jehan Magazine

Smokey Eyes Makeup Urdu Tutorial Step by Step Pakistan 2015 Smoky Eye Easy at Home Brush
Smokey Eyes Makeup Urdu Tutorial Step by Step 2015

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