Stop the Snoring: Top 7 Ways to Save Your Sleep From Snoring



Karachi: Embarrassed of annoying your roomie or partner with your loud snores? Want to experience the noise-less baby-like sleep again? Compiled from cosmopolitan, here is a list of six ways to help you save your sleep from loud snores.


1) Change your sleeping position: Laying flat on the back is a position that invites snoring because your tongue lies flat at the back of your throat, causing vibration in your breaths. So the next time your snore wakes you up from sleeping, switch to the side position and see if it helps.

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2) Keep your bedding hygienic

Not changing and washing the sheets often enough causes microbes to develop, inflicting one with nasal allergies. So steer clear of those snores by changing that pillow cover sooner – make certain to wash them or change them at least twice a week. Better yet, get a new set of pillows every now and then.

3) Catch up on your REM cycle

Are you sleep-deprived? Not getting daily eight-hour sleep and not catching up on your REM cycles causes you to fall deeper into the little sleep you get, making snoring unavoidable. So take rest, snore less!

4) Stay hydrated

Drink at least 11 glasses of water a day so that the membranes of your nasal passage and throat are not dry and irritable, rendering your breaths more audible. If the air in your room is too dry, investing in s humidifier is highly recommended!

5) Have a hot shower

Fact: A cold or a blocked nasal passage worsens your snoring. A quick fix for this is a hot shower before hitting the sheets.

6) Exercise and lose pounds

If you are overweight, chances are that you have fat tissues in your throat too. These muscles cause an obstruction in the breathing process, and the thicker the layer of the tissues, the more blockage it cause. To lose the pounds and make respiratory excessive part of your daily routine.

7) Quit smoking

Smoking causes your throat to itch while you breathe, increasing the likelihood of snoring. So cut down on smoke breaks and watch your breaths get smoother and your sleep noiseless.

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