Stress Relief Gifts That Will Bring Instant Relaxation and Calm




Stress Relief Gifts That Will Bring Instant Relaxation and Calm One thing we have all learned during this pandemic are how essential self-care is. It’s more important now than ever to take care of you and those around you. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help ourselves and the people we love to take the edge off. Stress-relieving gifts are here to help us unwind and remind ourselves to focus on the joy that still exists in the world.

If you want to help someone take the load off with a bit of self-care, our gift guide has the perfect gift ideas for your loved one, who can use a little relaxation. We have all kinds of stress relief gifts you can give to the most stressed-out individual in your life.

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Scalp and Body Massager:

A portable handheld massager that you can use to massage your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back, and pretty much any muscle in your body. With multiple individual nodes that rotate to give you deep, relaxing stimulation that helps relieve stress, improve blood circulation and release aches and sores. Some massagers also come in waterproof technology which means you can use it while taking a shower. A warm shower and a gentle scalp massage before bedtime will melt all your stress away and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

A Bath Set:

For the privileged friend who has a bathtub, tension-relieving bath salts make a fantastic stocking stuffer. These are infused with lavender to make winding down easy. You can also add the bath bomb of your choice to the bathtub and enjoy a deeply relaxing bath. These bath bombs are natural, skin-friendly, and easy to clean after use. If you don’t have a luxurious tub, you can also make your shower experience just a bit more special with scented tablets that come in all kinds of aromatic herbs to make your bath time more relaxing.

Scented Candles:

Aromatherapy candles have a special way of transforming the space in which we live; they have the power to just take all the stress away in minutes. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that involves the use of essential oils. The idea here is to inhale the fragrance oils, so they target brain receptors and provide psychological and physical benefits. It is often used to relax the senses, ease tension, and improve focus. So get some candles made from lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, the scents of which will relax and calm your mind and body. We bet these candle scents can help you chill out and unwind with their relaxing aromas. Consider lighting this candle at night to calm down for a good night’s sleep.

Gua Sha:

Up your at-home spa game with the Gua Sha facial tool which is known to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practice for energy flow and blood circulation. The technique can be used on the whole body and is traditionally quite vigorous using a flat tool; the skin is scraped until red. Gua Sha benefits your mind and body in more ways than one, it benefits in promoting oxygen flow in the body, relaxing muscles, and improving circulation. It also helps tissues on the face by working out the muscles and stretching the skin to release excess tension that has built up throughout your day. Get yourself a Gua Sha and release those knotted face muscles that can even help relieve migraines and tension headaches.

Pillow Mist/ Calming Spray:

There is nothing more relaxing than a good night’s sleep. It always reigns supreme when it comes to wellness priorities. So to get the best of the night, get yourself the best pillow sprays to help you get better sleep. These sprays help freshen a room with natural floral scents, helping enhance your mood and create a calming environment. These sprays contain a pure lavender essential oil which you can spray on your pillow and linen if needed to get a relaxing night’s sleep. The scent is soft and calming and not overpowering which soothes and relaxes your entire being and promotes peaceful sleep. This can make for the perfect gift for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

Weighted Blanket:

Curling up under a cozy blanket is one of the easiest ways to relax. Consider getting some much-needed shut-eye with a weighted blanket, which helps to boost your system’s serotonin to allow for a good night’s rest. Weighted blankets help ground your body during sleep by pushing it downwards. These blankets may have a deeply calming effect. The blankets also simulate deep pressure touch, a type of therapy that uses firm, hands-on pressure to reduce chronic stress and high levels of anxiety.


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