Teeth Whitening and Dental Care: How You Can Get a Dazzling Smile at Home

Teeth Whitening and Dental Care

London: A leading cosmetic dentist has revealed the 10 things women with dazzling smiles do to keep their teeth perfectly white. Dr. Gamer Verdian is the founder and director of one of Sydney’s foremost dental clinics, the Dental Lounge, and an expert when it comes to teeth whitening.

He recently shared his top tips for keeping your pearly whites radiant as well as explaining some simple things that can improve dental health. From why coffee and wine can stain the teeth to how lemon and water can wear away the enamel, FEMAIL takes a look at Dr. Verdian’s best advice. Watch the following video for teeth whitening, tooth decay, and tooth pain.

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Don’t drink lemon juice first thing in the morning:

If you’re following health trends, you’ll know starting the day with a glass of warm water and lemon is a must. However, citrus fruit or drinks like kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and sports drinks can harm your teeth as the high acidity level can destroy the enamel.

‘Exposing the dentin (dense bony tissue forming the bulk of a tooth underneath the enamel) is bad news as that can lead to tooth sensitivity and discoloration,’ Dr. Verdian said.

‘After consuming acidic foods, rinse your mouth with water and avoid brushing your teeth for 30 minutes so the enamel has time to re-calcify.’ Additionally, minimize damage by using a straw.

Don’t rely on charcoal toothpaste or baking soda:

Charcoal toothpaste has become the trendy way in recent years to whiten teeth, but according to expert, the problem is many charcoal toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride. Dr. Verdian said fluoride is essential for healthy teeth and along with helping to repair any tooth damage before it becomes serious.

‘Baking soda is popular, but it’s also abrasive,’ Dr. Verdian said adding ‘so if you use it daily, you are actively wearing away your enamel.’

Drink water that contains fluoride:

Dr. Verdian said fluoride is essential for teeth at any age and drinking tap water is an easily available, affordable way to keep teeth healthy. ‘Health professionals report extensive tooth decay in those parts of Queensland that have opted not to add fluoride to their water,’ he said.

‘Queensland kids aged between 5 and 15 have a 55 percent rate of tooth decay, while in New South Wales where most people drink fluoridated water, and only around 20 per of children in this age group have decay.’

Get your teeth professionally whitened:

These days there are a plethora of options when it comes to teeth whitening, including many DIY versions. ‘Most at-home options are simply not strong enough to produce the wow-factor results people want,’ Dr. Verdian said. ‘An in-chair whitening treatment is faster, safer, and far more effective.’ via dailymail