These Seven Healthy Snacks Will Help You in Losing Weight Fast

These Seven Healthy Snacks Will Help You in Losing Weight Fast

LAHORE – If you think eating in between the meals is bad for your health, well; you might be wrong. Snacking is not bad after all but it depends on what snacks you are eating and in what portion. Processed food snacks like a burger, pizza, a packet of chips, fizzy drinks, cakes, pastries, plenty of nuts, ice cream, or candy can be unhealthy and harmful for your overall health. Avoid unhealthy and junk food if you want to lose weight fast and effectively.

Avoid Refined Carbs And Sugar: If you are on a weight loss spree, then you must avoid refined carbs and sugar. Why do you ask? It is mainly because carbs break down in our bodies and produce sugar. More simple carbs in your diet will ultimately cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Apart from this, simple carbs and sugar make us retain water, resulting in bloating which you want to avoid when trying to shed kilos.

Healthy Snacks Will Help You in Losing Weight


Eating Prunes Can Help Extra Weight Loss

Healthy snacking seems to help meet your daily energy needs and even helps incorporate more nutrients into your diet. Try to add these nutritionist-approved best healthy snacks to your daily diet:

Chocolate milk:

This might seem like just something for kids, but it legit is a pretty great snack – especially for replenishing post-workout thanks to the simple carbs from the chocolate and the milk’s lactose.

Dates and pistachios:

“It’s the usual fruit and nuts combo, but a little more sophisticated,” says Tolbert. Dates have a honey-like sweetness, which combines with the strong flavor of pistachios into a snack that feels like dessert.

Roasted chickpeas:

“If you’re craving something salty and crunchy, roasted beans are a much better option than chips thanks to their combo of protein and fiber, says dietitian Jessica Levinson.

Homemade popcorn:

“Popcorn is a great snack to fill up on,” says Robinson, thanks to all the fiber. And you don’t have to stick with the plain stuff, either. “Try sprinkling garlic powder and dried rosemary (or Italian seasoning) for extra flavor,” suggests Robinson.


Hummus is a Levantine dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. It is popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Mushroom egg on toast:

This healthy snack is great for breakfast lovers – it’s as satisfying as a meal, but the slightly smaller portion size won’t weigh you down.

Plotkin recommends using hard-boiled eggs for convenience, which you can make ahead or buy. If you have access to a stove, you can also opt for a scrambled or fried egg.

Banana split:

Dietitian Robin Plotkin suggests a healthy version of the classic dessert by cutting a banana into two halves, then topping it with yogurt and nuts. It’s a delicious combo of carbs, protein, and healthy fat – more importantly, it’s super-fun to eat.