Turkey Sponsored Hajj: Ghanaian Poor Man Spotted a Drone and Wish


In a remote Ghanaian village, a chance meeting with a fallen drone turned into an inspiring journey of hope. Al-Hassan Abdullah, a simple villager, captured the hearts of Turkey and beyond with his story of unexpected opportunity and generosity.

An Unexpected Encounter: Abdullah’s story began when a Turkish news drone landed near his home. Curious, he asked if there was a bigger one to take him on the Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. His innocent question unveiled a heartfelt desire rooted in faith.

Ghanaian Poor Man Spotted a Drone and Wish

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From Viral to Reality

Abdullah’s tale spread on social media, catching the attention of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. Turkey’s support transcended his financial struggles, making his Hajj dream a reality.

Warm Welcome to Istanbul

With assistance from a Turkish charity, Abdullah arrived in Istanbul from Accra. This gesture highlighted the strong bond between the two countries, emphasizing humanity’s interconnectedness.

Gratitude and Brotherhood

Abdullah expressed his thanks, believing Turkey’s aid not only fulfilled his dream but also enhanced Muslim unity. His journey illustrated the profound impact of compassion and empathy.

Al-Hassan Abdullah’s remarkable journey, from a drone encounter to a life-altering Hajj experience, showcased the power of kindness. His story reminded the world that even in unexpected moments, compassion can forge connections that bridge geographical and cultural divides.

This Article updated on 23 august 2023