Best 5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight and Belly Fat at Home


LAHORE – With the shadi season upon us, we all are dying to look our best. There is but one question on everyone’s mind; how to lose these extra pounds here and there. But losing weight can be a tough process. Especially, with all the hustle and bustle of shopping. But don’t worry Ladies! we have got your back.

Nutrition experts say eating small amounts of food frequently is better for your health rather than three bigger portions, reports

Dr Sharafat Ali Weight Loss Tips

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Weight Loss

weight loss

Below are 5 easy ways to follow which can help you in a faster weight loss:

Eat slowly: You are not in a race to finish eating first. Make sure you chew your food properly and leave some space in your stomach. It takes some time for your brain to get the signal that you are satiated, and you may end up overeating unknowingly.

Don’t eat after dinner: The easiest thing to do is to raid the fridge at midnight. But that will definitely play havoc with your diet plan. If you feel too hungry, then have a few nuts or dates or drink some water.

Sleep well: Sleep has a tremendous impact on your hunger. If you don’t sleep well, you may end up feeling low on energy and eat more to make up for it. Plus, lack of sleep can also affect your digestion.

Keep tabs on what you drink: Water is the best weight loss drink, but other beverages are not so healthy. If you consume a lot of sweetened teas or have coffee with sugar or sweetened juices, you may be adding to your weight.

Have a balanced diet: Carbohydrates can fuel your body, but the key is to have them at the right time. Opt for whole-grain whenever possible and experiment with bran or husky bread instead of white bread. And the best time to eat carbs is after a workout session.

So, adopt these 5 habits and feel the changes within days.