Weight Loss: Five Reasons You Should Include Almonds in Your Daily Diet

Five Reasons You Should Include Almonds in Your Daily Diet


Islamabad: It’s no secret that diet plays a major role when it comes to weight loss. There’s plenty of literature out there that details different superfoods that can help shed those extra pounds but did you know almonds are amongst them?

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity has found that people who ate a diet rich in these nuts lost more weight than those who were on a high-carb diet with the same number of calories. As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are five reasons as to why that might be so.

Health Benefits of Eating Almonds Daily


Fatigue and Tiredness?

Nuts, Stronger Bones, Healthy Vision and Skin


Calcium and Vitamin D Causes and Treatment

Good fat content:

Almonds are full of vital fatty acids like omega 9, omega 6, and omega 3 which are of utmost importance in losing weight. So instead of bingeing on saturated and trans fats found in junk and processed foods, one should go for almonds when hungry. For the unversed, bad fats can hamper your health by increasing heart and blood vessels related to health disorders. And bad fat gets stored in our bodies more easily too.

Fiber content:

Weight watchers might know the importance of fiber. They just do not help with healthy bowel movements but also slow down digestion, thus keeping one fuller for longer. And if your food is not digested properly, it causes gut issues and turns food into fat. So make sure you have almonds with their skin intact to avoid that.

Protein content:

The high protein content in almonds helps in the development of lean muscle mass. The mono-saturated fats maintain and reduce our body mass index (BMI). This is not all, protein also helps to torch fats in the abdominal area so you can have almonds as their pre or post-workout meal.

Magnesium content:

Magnesium helps to keep blood sugar levels at bay and reduces food cravings as well. Not to mention, it is an excellent source of energy as well and will improve stamina for working out.

One of the healthiest low-carb snacks:

If you are hungry, then you now know what can be your go-to food snack. Almonds are loaded with great nutrients. The high amount of monounsaturated fats, protein, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, and antioxidants help us to be fit and fine. They are also low on carbs.

As per Healing Foods, “Almonds are a good source of the minerals zinc, magnesium, and potassium and are super-rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that support the brain, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They also help in keeping your skin healthy.”

And the best part is, almonds are very versatile. One can have them alone whenever hungry or sprinkle them over oats or cereal, pasta, salads. It is best to keep a packet of roasted almonds in your bag so that you can have them as a snack. But do not overeat them as that can backfire. Portion control is key if you want to stay healthy. via tribune