Why Villagers Tend To Live Longer Than City People

Why Villagers Tend To Live Longer Than City People

Lahore: According to facts and proven research, Pakistanis living in rural areas tend to stay alive for at least 7-8 years more than an average person who lives in the short life of a city. There are several reasons that contribute to the longer length of life for villagers – it’s actually a combination of wants and needs that gives them the edge.

Haven’t you wondered why you get to see so many older adults whenever you visit a village? Here are some secrets that if worked upon, can help people living in urban areas stay alive for longer. Well, some of them, at least.

Why Villagers Tend To Live Longer Than City People

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1. They eat good food, no restaurants or hotels serve them unhygienic food – everything is cooked at home

2. They live in a certain routine where they get up early and sleep early – there are no late nights and unprecedented hangovers

3. There is NO pollution in villages, the intake of fresh air on regular basis keeps the respiratory system clean

4. They use dairy products that come from their own cattle, so they know there are no mixtures or preservatives

5. They grow their own vegetables in clean water. Usually, the vegetables sold in cities are grown in unhygienic or dirty water

6. They walk a lot. They don’t use cars to travel from one place to another, which gives them better stamina

7. They usually keep away from smoking, drinking, or other drugs that people from cities are hooked on – the youth indulges in different kinds of sports

8. There are no factories or organizations that produce waste – resulting in a clean and healthy environment

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