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London: Dr. Essa weight loss tips. Dr. Essa weight loss tips in Urdu. Dr. Essa Tips For Weight Loss Fat Cutter Drink. As soon as other people heard the ‘D’ word, free advice started pouring in. “It’s useless to diet. You won’t lose any weight.”

Thanks for your good wishes but I still want to try. “I read somewhere that after 40 you can either keep your figure or your face.” Thanks for informing everyone that I am 40. Some friend you are.

Dr Essa Weight Loss Home Remedy

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That is so true. Dieting choro Shehla, otherwise, you will get wrinkles.” “Who said you are fat? You are fine.” A friend said while eyeing my bulges. By now I was so upset that my blood pressure had come up to a boil. So I shouted, “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.”

But then again, isn’t this everyone’s story? The very moment you utter the ‘D’ word in public, people get overexcited. You are flooded with different types of diet suggestions and horror stories of how a diet can kill you, how diets are harmful to you, how you will fail or you will actually lose weight but would never be able to maintain it.

Most interestingly, I came across a variety of fascinating characters during my two-week diet. I thought I better forewarn the poor souls who are thinking of going on a diet so that they can be aware of these eccentric characters around them while they are trying to shed a kilo or two.

The most frustrating are the ones who eat like a horse but never gain a pound. These people would stand upright showing off their skinny figures and sunken cheeks and say, “I never diet. I just eat sensibly.” That too right after they have loaded a plateful of biryani in the cafeteria.

According to Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News Chief Medical Examiner, genes are related to metabolism and play a huge role in weight issues. Why can’t that person just see that her mother is skinny, her daughters are skinny, her grandmother is skinny so maybe it is in her genes? It is useless trying to convince them that every human has a different metabolism and that you have no intention of becoming an unattractive skeleton-like her, you just want to lose some flabbiness. They won’t believe you.

Then there are elderly aunties who think that a diet will kill you and will try to emotionally blackmail you to prevent you from dieting. They’ll say that you must take care of your health. Being alive is more important than being slim. Think of your children. If you die what will happen to them.

They will narrate incidents where women have died because they were dieting. Try telling them that people die because of blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems caused due to obesity.

Then there is a confused bunch of people who will be curious to know why you are dieting. They will ask why you want to lose weight. Are you not happy with your life? Are you having an affair? Do you want to join showbiz?

Explain to them that you are doing it for yourself because you want to look good and stay healthy. Of course, they won’t believe you and will keep looking for the secret reason because of which you are on a diet. via Dawn