Successful Business Secret: A Businessman Saw in a Dream That a Person Was Saying to Him


A businessman saw in a dream that a person was saying to him that makes the man who sells fruit in front of the main gate of the company performs Umrah. When he woke up from sleep, he remembered the dream well, but he was deluded and ignored the dream. After seeing the same dream continuously, that person came to Imam and his dream.

What Imam Sahib said! Contact this person and have him perform Umrah the next day. Prince, I asked this fruit seller over the phone to find out the number of this fruit seller. Contacted and said that I had been told in a dream that I should perform Umrah for you.

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Wanting to complete this one task, the fruit seller said from a distance: What are you doing?
Are you doing brother? Even though I had my period, I performed the obligatory prayer and you say that you want me to perform Umrah.

Bertman insisted and explained to him that my brother Aman wants you to perform Umrah, everything will be mine. After a long discussion, the man agreed on the condition that I will be with you
I will perform Umrah but all my expenses will be your responsibility at the appointed time