Woman Cures Her Chronic Eczema with the Help of a Vitamin


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London: An eczema sufferer has cleared up her chronic condition in a month by taking two ‘skin and digestion’ vitamins a day, and the results have completely ‘changed her life’. The Australian woman shared her results with nutritionist Jessica Sepel, who sells the $44.99 vitamins on her website


, saying that she had suffered from the itchy inflammation since she was a child.

‘We received this yesterday from an angel who has suffered from eczema her whole life and has finally, finally cured it with our Skin and Digestion vitamins,’ Jessica wrote on Instagram.

Rash and Skin Allergy Treatment with Remedy


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‘These results are really real. The Skin and Digestion vitamins contain burdock which is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine as a blood cleanser and to relieve minor skin eruptions and symptoms of mild eczema and dermatitis.

‘That is paired with Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C which supports skin health and supports connective tissue health, collagen formation, and wound healing.’ The photos show her legs covered in red markings, which start at her feet and stretch right up to her thighs.

The images taken a month later are virtually mark-free with only a few spots left indicating light pigmentation. Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Certain foods, like nuts and dairy products, can trigger the symptoms, while smoke and pollen can make it worse.

Other customers have been similarly pleased by the outcome of taking Jessica’s vitamins, which also include options for anxiety, bloating, joints, hair growth, and your metabolism.

‘I have been using JS Skin + Digestion for about two weeks over the festive period. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. I get far fewer breakouts and if any appear they are small and clear very quickly. Prior to taking this formula, I was taking zinc vitamins,’ one woman said.

‘I’ve had quite a few compliments on my skin since taking these and my daughter’s acne breakouts have stopped completely. I highly recommend this product,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I was struggling with my skin after coming off the pill and these vitamins have honestly been life-changing for me. I have the clearest, brightest skin at the moment.’

It’s recommended that customers take one tablet at breakfast and one tablet at lunchtime with meals. You should generally avoid taking them at night as they can disrupt sleep. via daily mail

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